Sunday, 20 May 2012

Learning to crochet

In previous posts I have talked about my love of crafting, particularly baking and sewing. I like to think I got my passion for cooking from my Granny Peel. Her cooking was always fabulous, and I still have her old recipe file. I also have a Mason Cash mixing bowl and a small Cornishware collection, inspired by memories of cooking with Granny (and the vintage feel I love).

My love of sewing definitely comes from my Mum and Granny Clark. Mum has always done embroidery and things, and made some clothes when we were little, and Gran made my ball dress for my 6th form ball many moons ago.

But Granny Clark’s main craft was knitting. I have tried many times to get into knitting but other than making my baby cousin a bootie, mittens and hat set (21 years ago!!!), I just can’t get into it, or remember how! 

At Christmas a friend of mine and fellow blogger mentioned she was making crochet Christmas star decorations, and I was struck with a longing to be able to make some myself. I didn’t get around to trying until a few weeks ago, when on impulse I bought a crochet hook and some wool in Leeds market to while away some time while my boyfriend did some studying. So, armed with my hook and wool, and trusty Google, I set about learning to crochet.

I firstly managed to cast on and do some Double crochet.

Then, I moved on and did some Treble crochet. (Or did I? More on that in a min).

Project 1 - Rose
Using my favourite new social media site, Pinterest, I found a lovely crochet rose pattern to do, using this pattern. It claims to be easy, and I think it is, particularly because there are two sets of instructions to help those of us who aren't familiar with the stitch abbreviations yet. I managed it not too badly.

Close up detail of rose petals.

The rose before construction.

I then realised I didn’t have a wool needle, so eBay to the rescue, and I got on with the mouse described below. When my needle arrived, I followed the instructions to create this gorgeous rose. I might add leaves when I can find some green wool I like – the stuff in the market this afternoon was too bright.

Project 2 - Mouse.
Again through Pinterest, I found this cute mouse pattern. I settled down, and using the stitches I had learnt, I got on and made this up to about row 14, but it was looking a bit, well, BIG!

 It was then that I realised I’d read somewhere that US and UK stitches are different, and lo and behold a quick check of Wikipedia told me that I was right. I had actually learnt [check UK stitches learned], and on checking the rose pattern was US, and the mouse was UK. So, back to the internet for UK instructions to make sure I was doing it right, and off I went. Much better! This is what the mouse looked like with his body finished:

However, I've since discovered that this is STILL not right, so I will have to persevere and see how I get on. I have had another project on the go I just finished as a present so will get the pictures on the computer, and come back to blog about that. The mouse has frustrated me too much to come back to just yet, but one day I'll maybe get him right!


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