Monday, 7 May 2012

cpd23: Professional Development 2012. Thing One!

When I set up this blog, I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to write about. I'd heard most about blogs at professional networking events with CILIP, my professional body (Chartered Institutes of Library and Information Professionals), and liked the idea of blogging professionally. But the blogs I'd stumbled across during random searching seemed to be about craft, or cooking or both! And there are also some great lifestyle blogs too. So, given that one of my worst traits (according to the O.H.) is my inability to choose or decide on anything (I blame my mother!), I decided that this blog would cover all aspects of my life.

After university, I decided to train as a librarian, and here I am 10 years later still in the profession, but not quite where I thought I might be. I work as an Information Professional, but in Information Governance rather than librarianship. I am passionate about the subject, but sometimes don't really enjoy my job, as it can be a challenge to get people to prioritise information governance over "day to day work" - although really you shouldn't separate the two.

I chartered in 2008, and am in the process of (finally) putting together my revalidation application, although that's a real challenge. Being someone who plans ahead, I decided I'd do cpd23 in 2012 as something to put in to my NEXT revalidation application! It's something to think about in any case, and given that this is my very FIRST professional blog post, it might encourage me to be brave and blog about professional issues. (Something has stopped me so far).

I am also looking forward to "meeting" others in the LIS world, particularly as lots of us seem to be in very non-traditional roles, and given that's me as well, it's nice to see the breadth of subjects/sectors our profession covers.

So, I'll be popping back here to do the cpd23 activity set by the course, and hope to see some of you along the way.


  1. The first thing that caught my eye was the Herman post as i have just encountered this very cake at work! Libraries and cake seem to go together for some reason. As someone working in the traditional library setting it is interesting to get the views of people working in other information environments - hope you enjoy the 23 things.

    1. Hi! Just to confuse you, I've decided to change blog for cpd23, after doing "Thing 4" and realising I need to think more about my branding. If you are still interested in following cpd23 posts they'll be at

      Do feel free to keep following this blog if you're interested, but I'll understand if not.


  2. Yes - the Herman post caught my eye too! Perhaps that's the answer to getting one's blog read!
    But what also is interesting about it is the spirit of participation, cooperation, sharing and collaboration engendered by Herman.
    I've always worked in Education libraries (university and now mixed economy FE/HE College) and found the most fruitful and productive way of working is by collaboration and sharing - very challenging as it involves a lot of risk taking! But so worth it
    So - vive Herman ;-)

    1. Hi,

      Glad you liked my post about Herman! I'm pleased to say he's still doing the rounds in the office so maybe I'll get more at some point.

      Although your comment about getting your blog noticed is very valid, whilst doing Thing 4 I decided I needed to seperate out my posts about professional life from those about my hobbies and the like. So, if you're interested I've started a new blog over at

      Feel free to follow!