Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spring wedding cupcake tower

On Good Friday, I delivered a cupcake tower for Laura and Chris' wedding in the Ox Inn, Castlefield.
Laura wanted a fresh, spring theme to her cakes and was inspired by Angela Griffin's lemon drizzle cake from this year's Celebrity Great British Bake Off for Sport Relief, which was finished with daises as decoration. So far, so good, and I bought a set of daisy plunger cutters from goold old eBay. Flavours were easy to choose - Laura went for half lemon, half carrot, and a victoria sponge topcake. After lots of thinking and discussion, Laura chose silver cases to compliment the light theme, and white icing for the topcake with a white ribbon.

We settled on 84 cupcakes, and as this was 7 batches, ended up with 4 lemon and 3 carrot.

The daisies for the cupcakes were cut out from plain white sugarpaste using the medium size cutter and left to dry. Once dried, I used an icing felt tip pen to colour yellow centres. These were put onto the cupcakes in my signature style - off centre so you still see the tip of the icing swirl.

The topcake was fun to do, if a little challenging! After covering with white sugarpaste, I cut and stuck something like 200 mini daisies onto the cake using Squires edible glue. Phew!

Laura wanted the daisies to look like they were cascading with them closer together at the top, and more spaced out at the bottom. I think I managed this alright given the space available on a 6 inch cake. Once the icing was dry, I then coloured the daisy centres with my yellow icing colour pen:

Probably the most labour intensive of the wedding cakes I've made until now, but definitely worth it. Laura and Chris are on their honeymoon so I've not had any feedback from them yet, but I hope I did their day justice.

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